Giftie SmartWrap

An e-gifting app with a host of clever innovations, we’re incredibly proud of our first offering.

Giftie is built on proven mobile technology but designed to engage audiences in a completely new way. Not only is this app made to excite and delight through beautifully designed wrappers and games, it provides consumers with several innovative features that make gifting easier than ever before; no need to know the delivery address or best date for delivery, gifting at the very last minute and personalising their e-gifts.

As a B2B digital delivery service, Giftie helps build brand loyalty and recurrent sales for our corporate customers. Innovative technology helps differentiate clients from their competitors and maintains longer-term dialogue with consumers, as well as future proofing their e-gift deliveries. By its very nature, Giftie is a viral app, exponentially expanding consumer bases and audiences for retailers.

Giftie®  The future of the present®


Smart Wrap is a creative response to on-line gift buyers needs whilst understanding our retailers need for a frictionless, post purchase approach.

We offer masses of personalisation to the e-gifting moment; giving the gift buyer the tools to make their e-gift a real experience.

For the gift recipient, the joy of opening a gift, personalised with photos, music and videos or their gift wrapped in a game, makes for a real experience.

We put the sparkle into e-gifting.

The Future of the Present


Customisable e-gifting buttons to match your e-commerce route.

Any product can be sent as an e-gift.

Send gifts without knowing style, size, colour, delivery address or best day to deliver.








The wrapping route is fully brandable to match your existing e-commerce route.

Offer unique, branded wrappers to your customers.



E-gifts are delivered within 1 minute or at a scheduled date by the gift sender.

Using all the dynamic capabilities of a smart device, we deliver bespoke unwrapping experiences, not just a note on a gift tag… we’re so much more.


The gift can be accepted or virtually exchanged- different colour, size or swapped to a voucher.

We then offer choices of digital thank you cards to personalise.



A brand new channel straight to the gift recipient.

We channel the gift recipient straight to your brands ENGAGE page where they can instantly explore and click through to use their voucher online as usual.

Real gifts, sent instantly!

Our solution does not require any changes to your existing processes.

Wrapping happens after payment of item is completed – just like a real gift.



Giftie delivers an end-to-end solution for retailers of all sizes.

We have developed our technology over several years of talking to retailers about their needs and requirement for a frictionless approach to wrapping and send e-gifts.



We are continuously improving our approach and adding new features to create the most enjoyable gifting experiences possible.
We create mini games that can be personalised. Imagine wrapping a gift with a personalised story, read by you.

Casual games are slick and fun. We can create bespoke casual games for gift recipients to play to reveal their gift. Delivery to multiple devices. We future proof your e-gifting needs.

Giftie Express 24/7

Our purpose-built, microservices-based technology was built to harness the immense power and scalability of Microsoft’s global elastic cloud providing fast and dependable response times even during peak usage. Edge caching and content management techniques are used extensively to speed things up even more.

We want to make it easy

One line of code. That’s what you need to add to your website to deploy our entire e-gifting solution. From there, our proprietary injection technology will seamlessly integrate all our buttons exactly where you tell us to put them. Designed specifically to be both fast and to fail-safely (if something goes wrong, the buttons just won’t appear), the engine is delivered via CDN and features geo-blocking for fine-grained control. No changes required to your e-commerce solution, your customers still check out with you in the normal way, so no delay in payments.

Want a deeper integration?

We can provide you with a fully functional end-to-end service from just one line of code. Alternatively, should you want us to integrate with any of your systems via APIs to improve efficiency or ease workload or support issues, we’re architected and ready to do so. Typically, we would integrate with your product catalogue for gift information/swapping, OMS for order handling and changes, and logistics for delivery updates, but we will customise an integration exactly the way you want it.

Monitoring and Metrics

Telemetry data from all Giftie components is centrally collected on the Azure cloud and analysed in real-time. Anomalies are automatically alerted to our DevOps team, for triage and investigation.

Our customer portal contains e-Gift, status and ENGAGE metrics data, so you can optimise your interactions with both your original customer, and the gift recipient.



Enterprise-grade Saas security and Microsoft Azure best practices protect your and your customers’ data. In addition, as all payments continue to be taken by you directly, your customer’s financial data continues to be safe in your hands.